Brooklands British Racing Museum 6 September 2014

The weekend of the Monza GP, our friends Brian and Linda came down from Yorkshire to hang out and make a weekend of it. After quallies on Saturday, we went to the amazing Brooklands Museum, which is sited on the world’s first purpose-built racetrack. They have dozens of cars spanning the history of British racing, from the earliest horseless carriages up to 10yo F1 cars. They also have a large hanger full of WW1 and WW2 aircraft, and a boneyard that includes a Concorde, Vic-10 and about a half a dozen other aircraft.

A fuckin’ great place to spend a few hours, if you’re an engineering and/or racing nerd. It’s beautiful, the equipment is lovingly restored, and there’s always a cadre of old geezers hanging about who know more about their specialty than anyone could ever need to know. Most days, there are restoration crews working on cars and planes, and they’re always happy to chat and show you what they’re working on.

As much as I love the place, it’s difficult to get good pictures. They have the good fortune to have so many cars that they have to jam them in together pretty tightly, so the angles are limited and it’s difficult to get a clean pespective. That being said, there’s thousands of opportunities for tight detail shots.

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