Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve 3 September 2014

Another quick little walk down to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve today. This time, I was smart and mounted my macro rig* on a monopod. This freed up my left hand to hold a flash with wireless ETTL triggers so I could shoot at f/32 and get a depth of field a few centimeters deep. It worked fantastically, and opened up a whole new world of shots I’d never been able to attempt before. Unfortunately, I didn’t pack fresh batteries, and I only got about two dozen pops out of the 580EXII.

The monopod was super useful though, and I can’t believe I’ve let it sit around this long without taking it out. It’s like having a tripod, with none of the weight or fuss. I felt completely freed; I only had to worry about what I wanted to shoot without a care about how I’d try to get myself into position to hold the ~5kg rig steady and get a fast enough shutter.

*My 5D2 + 70-200 + 500D

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