Camden Market 16 August 2014

I finally made the trek to the Camden Market. For those of you familiar with Seattle, imagine if Pike Market were twice as densely packed and twice the size of Seattle Center. It’s also where the goth/punk/rivethead scene dresses, and I spied a few clubs I’d heard of before. Mostly, though, it’s the tourist-trappy cheesy t-shirt capital of the UK. Every variation of the “Keep Calm and $x” meme you can imagine can be yours for £10, or two variations for £15. Also, lots of “No Photography” signs everywhere, presumably because the vendors don’t want people documenting how blatantly they’re hawking counterfits and ripoffs.

I did find some fun onesies and bibs for my grandson, but I’m still waiting on his mom to send me good pics of them.

There’s also some interesting architecture which is worth going back with a decent camera; the distortion on the wee glass on my G15 does not lend itself to photographs that require perfect verticals and horizontals all the way across the frame.

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