CommonWork Farm – A little bit of a lot of different things

I went to CommonWork Farm a few days ago and wandered around and shot whatever struck my fancy. It’s a great location, in the rolling hills of Kent, and has easy access to a number of footpaths that traverse the whole region. Unlike the parks, Heritage sites and National Trusts, it’s also lovingly devoid of people, so I could shoot whatever I wanted, when I wanted, without having to wait for people to get out of the way.

It’s a working farm with a lot of open space, surrounded by hedgerows. I found a small pond carved out of the top of a hill, and the dappled light filtering through the eutrophic water was absolutely gorgeous. The cows are… well, cows are cows whereever they are but one of them managed to make itself interesting by peering at me through a gap in the wall. And finally, I grabbed a “chocolate box” shot of the Bore Place house, a quintesentially english farm house that I’m sure has some kind of interesting history full of dead white guys (yawn).

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