Silverstone Grand Prix 2014

I had a great time at the Silverstone GP. It’s hard getting some really great shots from the punter’s side of the safety fencing, but the point of being there is to enjoy the experience. I know I’m never going to get Darren Heath caliber images without the “All Access – Photographer” tabard, so I just enjoyed the experience, hung out with some great people and 150 000 of my fellow F1 fans, and had a great time.

My sensor got filthy, and there are some dirty artifacts on most of the photos. Oh well. I just couldn’t justify spending the time to fix all these images; the important thing is that I have some photos that remind me of the weekend, and hopefully my fellow F1 fans can enjoy them too.

Day 1:
Pitlane Walk

Day 2:
Practice 1

Practice 2

Day 3:
Practice 3 and Classic Parade


Day 4: