Emmett’s Garden 18 May 2014

Emmett’s Garden is a National Trust site and a popular destination for family outings. There’s a couple of nice gardens, but when I was there not many plants were in bloom. The rhododendrons, however, were out in full force and I was very excited to see these plants that are so ubiquitous in Seattle thriving here as well.

I brought one of my e640s on a battery because I was shooting macro with my new 500D magnifying lens on the front of my 70-200. The lens stops down to f/32, which is enough to provide a substantial depth of field, but also requires huge amounts of light to get an exposure.

I really like the way these came out; I’m amazed at the detail I’m getting. The magnification factor is at least 2x on most of these shots – it varies significantly depending on the focal length of the lens. My focusing distance was generally around 20cm; the normal minimum focus distance for the lens is about 2m so I was able to get in quite close to the flowers.

I’m looking forward to doing more macros like this, but I need to come up with a better way of carrying the light, stand, battery, etc. I’m looking for a rugged shopping trolley actually – something with rubberized wheels and a frame suitable for attaching lightstands via bungee cords.

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