Chipstead and Allium 17 May 2014

My niece Shannon came to visit, so we took her to the most quintessentially English village we could find (nearby) – Chipstead. It features a manor built to emulate a castle, an ancient church, and some original structures from the 17th century.

I shot some HDR handheld with my Sigma 35mm – on the Canon 5d2, when you set AEB and Multishot together, the camera will shoot all three exposures on one finger press. Very convenient, if it’s bright enough that the brightest exposure is still fast enough for handheld. I also laid on the ground and used my body to hold the camera to further steady the shot.

I also shot some Queen Anne’s Lace and Buttercups with my 70-200, and the neighborhood cat came over and got to know Jeanne and Shannon.

Even though I was tired, when we got home the Allium that my stepdaughter planted was in perfect bloom. So I pulled out my lights and shot it, too.

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