Anna Rose Fashion-style shoot

I’m slowly getting caught up on my huge backlog of photos to process. A few weeks ago, I shot Anna Rose for the second time. The concept was to play around with some fashion styles. I originally had the idea that I’d find some great accessories and props at the craft store, but it turns out craft stores in the UK aren’t nearly as interesting as the craft stores I’d become accustomed to in the states. That being said, I thought I’d be able to create some interesting textures in the background and do my usual layered lighting techniques. My first idea, using a roll of poster paper with paint sprayed all over it and cut into strips, was a disaster and those photos shan’t ever be made public. Not through any fault of Anna’s, mind you, I just couldn’t get the look I was going for. Some foam shapes suspended from black thread were able to create the interest and texture I wanted. I’m still not entirely happy with them, but I’m never entirely happy with any of my work.

We also went outside for some exterior shots, which turned out pretty well. The thing I discovered is that it’s just about impossible to shoot a model against a wall without seeing Terry Richardson’s influence, and that’s not anything I want to be associated with.

Anna has an amazing face and gorgeous skin, and I couldn’t pass up another chance to get some portraits of her too.

As always, click to enlarge: