Some London (and various) snapshots 9 March 2014

We went up to London Sunday last to catch the Klee exhibit at the Tate museum. A fantastic collection. I had no idea Klee was so prolific – there are something like 1200 catalogued works from the year before he died. It was an excellent curation and display; I felt I could see Klee moving through different explorations of the nature of form and color depending on who he was hanging around with at the time. I have a deeper appreciation for Klee, and the rest of bauhaus, for having seen the collection.

I took my trusty G15 with me and left the DSLR at home. It’s really handy to have something so small and simple; I get distracted by too many lens choices and filters. With a simple camera, I am forcing myself to think about the basics and work within the (quite capable) limitations of the equipment. Also, it’s nice not dragging 10kgs of gear around for a few hours.

Included in this set are some snapshots from around Sevenoaks, and a couple of shots of Monkeyface with The Devil Wears Prada in the background. Because if Monkey were a person, she’d be Anna Wintour. It’s a very large set; I hadn’t pulled any pics of the G15 for a couple of weeks. Also, I’ve selected the photos based on the idea “how do I want to remember how I saw light” at this time in my life.