London Snapshots 16 FEB 2014

Some snapshots from our day shooting architecture in London. These are all SOOC with my new G15. Quite an impressive little camera; I’m very happy with the quality of the images it produces and how easy it is to use. I must admit, though, I’m torn about recording CR2 on it. I have this idea in my head that a pocket camera is for snapshots, and I want to feel free to shoot as much as possible without worrying about getting bogged down in postprocessing. On the other hand, if I put together a particularly fantastic image, I want to have the RAW available to make the most of it. Also, I’m not grabbing white balance or color profiles which are crucial for getting the most out of the RAW.

There was a phrase getting tossed around the UberChic Photography Blogosphere last year: “Shut up and shoot”. That’s some good advice for any photographer anywhere, anytime. I’m trying to exercise some mental discipline and expand outside of my self-imposed “picture maker” box, and explore “picture taking”. It’s difficult for me; I’m a perfectionist and I have very high standards for myself. But the joy of photography isn’t all in the technical details, as much as I appreciate them. Sometimes, it’s just about capturing the moment – and the imperfections of the capture are as much a part of that story as the composition and subject.

As such, I’ve decided to start putting images up on Flickr again. Flickr is where I’m going to post snapshots, just-for-fun, and various odds’n’ends. I’m still going to work very hard to avoid falling into the popularity trap, but I’ve been told by too many people who’s opinions I respect that even my “casual” shooting is of a caliber worthy for sharing.