Random street shooting – The Strand 17 FEB 2014

I popped over to London to pick up some gear at The London Camera Exchange and had my new G15 with me. These are just random shots; I was holding the camera by my hip in AV mode and snapped a photo whenever I thought there might be an interesting composition. Unfortunately, the light was bland but this was more about learning the technique than trying to get some keepers. As flat as they are, I’m glad I’m getting better at capturing the “flavor” and “tone” of London.

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The G15 is massive improvement over my previous pocket camera, the Nikon P310. They’re not even in the same league. It’s actually fun to take the G15 out and about; it’s responsive and has a full suite of manual control knobs and buttons. Unfortunately, the fact that it’s the only decent chip with a pocketable form factor (flat lens) does not bode well for the future of small cameras.