Street Photography workshop with Damien Demolder

This weekend past, I had the privilege of spending time with Damien Demolder at his street photography seminar. I was with dozen of my fellow Sevenoaks Camera Club members and we met Damien at the Tate Modern. It was a great day, though the light was elusive – there were a few slivers of warm, contrasty, wintery light here and there but for the most part the sky was a big grey featureless softbox. I learned a lot during from this seminar, it was definitely money well spent and if you ever have the opportunity to attend this seminar I highly recommend it. My biggest takeaways are you don’t need a person’s face to create a mood or capture the “tone” of the location, and you don’t have to sacrifice structure and form to capture spontaneity. In a more mundane sense, I also learned that my Nikon P310 just can’t keep up with rapidly changing lighting and focusing scenarios, so I’ll be upgrading my pocket camera shortly. Damien has a very graphical, form-based aesthetic which meshes very closely with my own, so I never felt completely lost or alienated during his lectures. And his analysis of our pics at the end of the day was both supportive and erudite.