London – Conceptual Architecture

My buddy Roy took me to London to do some architectural shooting a couple of weeks ago. We totally lucked out on the weather, it was just barely cloudly with great directional, warm light arcing through the southern horizon. After shooting nothing but stock photos in the studio, this was a very welcome change. Roy knows his way around London very well, and isn’t afraid to drive*, so we were able to visit the three best locations in one afternoon: Canary Wharf, the Lloyd’s building and The Shard. Going out shooting with another photographer is a totally different experience than going out with my wife shooting; the questions, “Are you done here yet?” and “Why are we stopping here?” just never come up.

Thematically, I’m still concerned with the contradictions, intersections and integrations of the organic and inorganic, and I enjoyed the heck out of playing around in Photoshop and really pushing the pixels around without any regard for things like “skin tone”, “natural looking” or even “realistic”. Despite pushing all these images around in Photoshop, the edits still took a lot less time than any retouching. There’s a lot less fiddly work and a lot more global adjustments.

*I’m terrified of driving in London, you need to know exactly where you’re going at all times because the lanes change every 200 meters, it’s heavily policed with cameras so any mistakes cost money, there’s bikes, scooters and busses zipping around all over, and none of the streets are labeled. I don’t understand how a country that’s so proud of it’s refinement and civilization can find the situation acceptable.