Studio shoot with Maya

I should have posted these a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure of working with the immensely talented and gorgeous Maya. She has a successful career in the theater arts, but she could easily be a successful model if she wanted to. Her acting experience really came through; she could stay on her marks while going through a range of emotions and using powerful but subtle expressions to carry the idea of the photograph. I’m definitely looking forward to working with her again!

I’ve been doing a lot of work in Photoshop lately, specifically around getting better at masking and generating backgrounds. I’ve become familiar with whole sets of tools that I’d never used before – custom brushes, different filters, and of course the brush options panel. Learning Photoshop is a lot like learning to program. The skills all build on each other, and as you get proficient at one set of skills, it opens up the opportunity to learn more skills.