Studio Shoot – Faith and Steve

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Faith Obae and her friend Steve. I haven’t worked with couples as often as I’d like, but they made it very easy for me. They were able to turn on the chemistry and were absolutely comfortable with each other; I didn’t feel like I had to put any effort into creating a workable ambience. The only problem I had was their difference in height, so putting the shadows where I wanted them meant I kept asking them to rotate every which way whenever they changed their poses. They’re both skilled enough that my interjections didn’t bother their flow and I ended up with many gigs of useable content. As the shoot progressed, I “saw the light” in a way that wasn’t on the shotlist at all, but it needed shooting. I hurriedly swapped out a softbox for a gridded beauty dish, killed the other lights and grabbed some gorgeous shots that we’re all proud of. It’s important as visual artists not to focus so hard on what’s in front of you (are they in focus? are they all in frame?) but to pay attention to the voice that sees the gestalt and can recommend opportunities that aren’t always immediately available.

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