Stubbs Woods – But Who Was Stubb?

I finally found the time to go out and experience a little of the undeveloped areas of Kent yesterday. Late in the afternoon, I packed up my trusty Sigma 35mm out to Stubb’s Woods. Note that everything in England is named after somebody. But aside from a handful of landed gentry (read: dead white guys) through the years, nobody actually knows who any of these people are. Also, when you look at the map, all the chunks of forest are named “[somebody]‘s woods”, but the ownership of said woods is anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, whomever Stubbs was or when he lived, some relatively undisturbed land with his name on it is now in the custodial care of the Kent County Council. The park is fantastic, just what I needed – a chance to walk around in the greenery, get a feel for the local ecosystem and enjoy the rich, warm evening light. The most interesting thing about the woods is that’s is fully developed; the canopy is layered and thick enough that underbrush doesn’t have much of a chance to grow, unlike all the parks in Seattle. Stubb’s Woods is on a hillside facing south by southwest, making evening the ideal time for natural light. The leaves are just starting to turn; only the smallest and most immature of the leaves are falling, and even then it takes a good gust to bring any down. I plan on returning often through the seasons and documenting the changes.

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