First Attempt at Little Planet effect

Not too bad for a first attempt, if I do say so m’self. This is the view from my private garden (“backyard” for you colonists). It turns out that Photoshop works really hard to distort any one image to conform to the rest of them, which is why there’s a gap on the first floor (for you colonists, that’d be “second floor”). Using my Sigma 35mm, I was shooting every 25°, but clearly for subsequent shots I’ll need to line up every 20°. This image was composited out of 48 5616×3744 16bit TIFs (~125MB each) exported from Lightroom after color correction. It took my 8×3.4GHZ I-7/32GB graphics rig about 45 minutes to do the initial composite.

Once that VAST file was produced (147 inches wide at 300dpi!) I discovered a shortcoming in Photoshop – even after converting to RGB/8Bit, the “Distort” filter menu wasn’t available. I had to reduce the dimensions of the file by 50% before those filters were enabled.

LittlePlanet - Sevenoaks, Kent UK

[[click to enlarge]]