Photo Safari #1

I had been planning to spend my weekends in April learning Photoshop tricks from but yesterday was entirely too warm and sunny to stay inside. I enjoyed the afternoon light, went to some local parks, Richmond Beach and North Seattle Community College.

Richmond Beach is a great local beach, it’s close but not too crowded and it has some of the best views of the Olympics. I was there too early to get interesting shots of the mountains, though. I’ve shot at North Seattle CC a couple of times before. I’m learning the value of revisiting places and subjects. Firstly, the more familiar I get with a location, the more I learn about what works in certain lighting – where the best lines, colors and contrasts are. Secondly, I find it immensely useful to see how my photographic eye has changed – my compositions, technique and postprocessing have been evolving and it’s nice to see the improvements.

light and shadow



Richmond Beach, Edmonds WA


Blue glass at the water's edge


In the Northwest, we have to chain our trees to keep them in the yard.


I like to juxtapose themes in congruent shapes.


Imperfect symmetry is more exciting to me that absolute symmetry.