Site (finally) upgraded

I’m finally up to date with both Piwigo and WordPress and got rid of all known functionality bugs. There’s still a couple of niggly layout problems, but fixing those would involve some serious rewrites of the application frameworks. And frankly, I’d rather be taking pictures.

I’ve added some new functionality that I’m excited about. Firstly, I’ve integrated both the gallery and the blog with facebook. From an image view, you can “like”, “share” and “upload” images with one click. From blog posts, you can “like” and “share” from each post. Also, you can tweet and google+ any post and image with one click – though the OATH hasn’t been integrated into the gallery yet, so it’s still a primitive implementation. Finally, I’ve got the gallery setup with private URLs a’la Flikr, so I can share shoot previews via a URL without having to setup new users, passwords and special permissions for the gallery. This makes it easier for me, and easier for the people I’m sharing with: I just send them the special URL and they have access to the private content automatically.

The next step is to tighten up my portfolio. I’m still kicking around ideas in my head for the direction I’m goint to take with it. Like Zack Arias quotes, “It’s like lining up your children and deciding which ones you’re going to shoot.”

That’s a Tier 2 problem right now, fortunately. My first priority for the rest of April is to spend time with the photoshop tutorials I purchased to get up to speed on that software. I’m already processing images approximately 130% faster in PS than I can in GIMP, but in my neverending quest to be the best I can possibly be at everything, I know I have a lot to learn about getting the looks and effects I want to achieve.

Like everyone else who owns a blog, each upgrade is the moment when we realize how far we’ve fallen short of our goals for regular updates. I am finalizing a couple of concepts – neither of them original, but they’re a start – to encourage me to post more regularly. I like taking pictures more than writing, and it seems I never have a keyboard handy when I do want to write. But I see the value of blogging and I need to convince myself that it’s a worthy investment.