More London Pics posted

Ten weeks after I got back, I’ve finally got nearly all my London pics processed and posted. Naturally, there’s a lot of architectural details with a focus on the mix of the old and new. Pictures from the excavations of the Roman bath in Bath are also included. You can find the pictures here. All I have left to do is the pictures from the Brooklands Museum and Mercedes-Benz World.

There are whole sets of pics that just didn’t make the cut for the website. I took hundreds of pictures in museums, but I’m not happy with hardly any of them. There’s dozens of fantastic snapshots, but lighting is so problematic, they all look flat and have bad shadows and crappy backgrounds. I’m glad I have them, though, and I look forward to looking through them again. And they’re great fodder for some ideas I have about playing around in GIMP with some “extreme” photo manipulation.

On one hand, I really like the gap between taking the pictures and processing them. It gives some perspective where I feel I can better examine and critique each photo on it’s own merits. Also, it’s fun to recollect the trip and remember what was going on that day and how I felt. However, I have a tremendous backlog of photos I need to get processed and it feels like a huge weight on my shoulders. I’ve actually turned down opportunities to shoot some models because I have too many photos I need to finish. If I could just figure out a way around this “working for a living” crap, I could stay on top of everything and do a lot more shooting.