It’s been a long time coming…

It’s been a long time coming…

…but it’s finally here. Version 1.0 of my new website. It’s not perfect, and theres dozens of niggly little issues that I’m going to have to fix before the next dot version, but at least it’s functional. Despite stolen harddrives, crashed notebook drives, a trip to another continent, kittens and overtime I finally got these software packages integrated and banged into shape.

I’m quite excited to have a way to share my images, the way I want to share them, without having to deal with all the idiosyncracies of any of the photosharing sites. From an administrative standpoint, this software is incredibly easy to use, so I already feel less resistance to uploading images and writing articles than I do at any of the other photo sites. This is going to be a fantastic tool for communicating with both people involved in my photography as well as the greater community as a whole.

During the course of developing and deploying this site, I’ve come to realize it’s already had an effect on my photographic goals. First and foremost, there is a real disparity between the numbers of images in various categories. For example, Plants and Flowers only has one image, even though I’ve shot hundreds. The problem is that I was learning my way around the camera during the spring when I was shooting those all the time, and quite frankly, most of those shots aren’t really worth sharing. It’s been very enlightening to see what kinds of images I’ve been taking and what I like as I look back over my work – and what subjects I need to revisit now that I have a bit more skill.

Another observation I’ve made is that there are images where the subject matters and I’m proud of the way I’ve captured it, and there are images where the capture matters, and the subject is secondary to the methodology. That’s a line that I found hard to break down into categories, but I want to explore that discrepancy more as I develop as a photographer.

I have dozens of ideas for upcoming articles, and (like every blog ever started) I plan to update frequently. Writing is a great counterbalance to photography, and over the course of the last year I’ve focused entirely on the latter at the expense of the former. I believe that balancing the visual and the verbal communication will not only make me better at both, but will provide some much needed balance and perspective in my own life.